Time goes fast

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Today I realised I’ve been back at AR for two months now, but perhaps what is more unbelievable is the fact I have only got 4 weeks left. I’m not sure how working seems to create what I can only define as a time warp. I’ve really enjoyed getting back into working life and have learnt significant amounts not only just about design but more specifically time management and the design process. Unfortunately I’m not in a position to share some of the work Ive been producing but of course feel free to check out their website here. The weekends of course have been a welcome break and I have not been slow in filling them up with various trips around the country to places such as Cardiff, London and even Bristol.

Which brings me nicely to my next point, I’m currently working on the Sounding City project as part of Bristol Architecture Centre’s 20th birthday. The project as a whole explores the theme ‘people and place’ and more specifically is focused on community festivals. As a volunteer for the scheme I will be, and have been, visiting community festivals around Bristol; often in some of the most deprived areas of the city. Whilst there, we as a team have been interviewing the public about their home towns discussing what could be improved, local anecdotes and characters that are well known in the area. These interviews will then be compiled into a series of songs and perhaps eventually we will be able to create an album to truly commemorate Bristol as a place.


Sounding city


Initially, I found interviewing quite hard but it soon got easier the more people you spoke to. I guess in a way its all about finding a balance between not being pushy but also getting enough information. Its definitely been good for my confidence and great for my communication skills! Overall though, its been really exciting to be involved in a project that is both outside of my own city and also has a direct involvement with people.

At risk of this blog post becoming a short diary of my life, I have one final anecdote. Well I say anecdote, more like exciting new purchase. I am now the proud owner of a new longboard, perfect for lunch trips at work and even better for my commute home!



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