The Mobius shoe.


Being back at uni has already lead to late night blog posts, but i’m still here. So today, I wanted to do a feature post on United Nude, a shoe company founded in 2003.

Having read Tamara Mellon’s memoir, ‘In her shoes’, this summer, my love for shoes has grown even stronger. Whether they’re flats, heels or somewhere in between, I appreciate them.

But why United Nude you ask!? For the Mobius Shoe, almost a heel without a heel. A sculptural piece of shoe design that has since become a classic. It is thought to have been inspired by Mies Van de Rohe’s ┬áBarcelona chair. Whether you can see the relationship or not, the design persuaded Galahad Clark to join forces with Rem D. Koolhaus and form United Nude.



Despite its sculptural feel and new age look, i’m still not sure whether I would buy the shoe myself. I like the creative take on the heel and love the wedged look, but I feel like the shoe is designed for a client older than me, mainly due to the foot strap. I haven’t tried the shoe myself, so I can’t mention comfort. What I can say is that the shoe is an artwork, a design that was and remains completely unique. It is a flexible design that has had and still has the ability to be developed

The brand has since been involved with other architects including Zaha Hadid and are at the forefront of shoe design. Examples of their technological abilities can be seen in their 3D printed shoe, not merely a shoe for every day use, but an impressive piece of engineering. they are also involved in other projects aside from shoes, so be sure to check out their website.

Happy October!

Love Cora



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